With Jake West

Journey To
The Golden Door Award

Jake's Story

Jake West has achieved the coveted 'Top 0.001%' in the nation within the door-to-door sales industry. He is a 3X winner of the Golden Door Award, 3X National Sales Champion, and attained 4 summers in a row of personally selling over 1,000 pest control accounts or over $500,000 in revenue. Jake has also managed multi-million dollar D2D sales teams for 7 summers in a row.

Jake's promise - "I can mentor you 'step-by-step' on how to sell and level up your sales through private 1-1 or group trainings".

Sales Achievements

Sold 33
accounts in a single day

Sold 102
accounts in a week

Golden Door/650K
in 73 days

Sold 840K
in 87 days

Learn From The Best

Hello, my name is Anish Surti. I got consulting from Jake West with his platinum package because I wanted to 5x my sales results the following sales season.

The trainings with Jake taught me different aspects of the technical side of selling, the mindset of a top performer and most importantly allowed me to feel like it was possible for me to make a drastic change.

Jake was flexible with his schedule to train with me every week. The trainings were customized to what I was dealing with while selling which allowed me to make the necessary changes and improve much faster than I would have otherwise.

Having a mentor as successful as Jake is in sales helped me realize what was possible for me to accomplish and boosted my confidence and results.

After the trainings with Jake I’d consider him a great mentor but also a friend and would highly recommend anyone else who wants to make improvements to their sales ability to take advantage of the training Jake offers.
Anish Surti
Firstly, what a privilege and a pleasure it was to have the opportunity to personally train and learn from Jake - it’s a rare experience being able to work one on one with someone who has accomplished the incredible feats that he has.

I am a massive believer in the idea that proximity is power - so having Jake as a coach is paramount to anyone looking to elevate their mental and technical game in sales.

Something else I really appreciated about working with Jake is how much of a family man he is. It’s obvious that his why is strong and that he’s much more than just an elite competitor - he’s really in the game to be the best husband, dad, and friend he can be.

Investing in time with Jake will be be one of the best investments you can make for yourself - and that’s factual.
Nick Warner
I have been training with Jake for the past couple months and I just have to say it's so worth it! To anyone considering coaching with Jake, it is an absolute no-brainer.

I used to think everyone said pretty much the same stuff on the doors, and just those with the best mindset sell the best. What Jake has shown me is, that I need to compliment my work ethic and mindset, with skill, and a solid sales process.

Coming off of my best week of personal sales I’ve ever had, I give a ton of credit to Jake who taught me a solid sales process. I’ve been a high producer every year, but at the end of the days and weeks I feel exhausted from persisting and I always had a really low average contract value.

Training with Jake has helped me to keep my contract value high and learn how to build value and to drop price strategically.

Training with Jake and paying full price for the training has been 100% worth it.. you make up the price with the extra sales you’ll get.. absolutely!! Do it! Jake is so patient and it has been amazing.
Zach Danneman
Jake and I have been training for about 8 months now. It’s been so refreshing to receive the guidance of someone who’s one of the best in the entire industry.

My pitch has changed drastically from my first 2 years selling. Jake and I have role-played countless times, done many Q&A’s, and analyzed each others
voice recordings from the doors. My pitch has become more efficient and consistent since then. I’ve become more confident on the doors ever since.
This summer in just 2 months I’ve beaten my personal week PR and month PR.

Jake has flat out made me more money.

On another hand, he’s been extremely kind and humble during the whole process. It’s very rare to find a top dog in the industry who is such a homie and has the patience and passion not only to sell, but to teach.
Samuel De Franco